Jack Sal's workPerformance by Jack Sal
55. Biennale of Art Venice
Caffè Quadri, Piazza San Marco – Venice
Friday, May 31, 2013 – 10 am

Coffee/& is a performance that focuses on the concept of accumulation in it’s temporal sense and the participation of Jack Sal in his activities in Venice. In this new action conceived for the 55. Biennale of Venice, an event that has become a constant for the American artist who, since 1997 has organized his performances in the “Ponga Room” of the historic cafe and transforms it into an ideally traced picture frame in which space and time interact with the number  7. Without necessarily calling into question the symbolism of this number, between esotericism and magic, the 7 is the sum of the performances that Sal has created over time in this place; drinking coffee and using photographic POP Printing Out Paper.

“Coffee and” is also an expression in the English language to invite one for a coffee and a little something extra. In this way, the performance speaks in a symbolic way of all previous appointments by using the cups of coffee, and their position in the action of the performance, metaphorically drawing a map of the world that is the journey of the artist. In addition will be presented the non-profit project Cake in support of BAIT AL KARAMA, edited by Manuela De Leonardis in collaboration with Marimo – Brandlife designers and M.Th.I. Music Theatre International in which nineteen international artists (including Jack Sal) present their work in combination with a found object (an old recipe book written in Arabic and French) and its contents.

Performances by Jack Sal at Caffé Quadri: Café / Café (1997), The Doge’s Ring / The Ring of the Doge (1999), Bitter / Sweet (2003), Minor / Key (2005), East West – Jack Sal and Yooah Park (2009) and O / Ring / O (2011).

Other events on the occasion of the presentation of specific projects: Book: Pos/Neg (1999), and book and multiple: The Primary Drawings 3 +1 Jack Sal and Bruno Cora (2001), exhibition: Red / White in homage to Albert Mertz, Senko Studio – Viborg, Denmark (2003), Multiple: Minor / Key (2005) and Video: Video:Visions, produced by Dustintrouble (2011).

Jack Sal (Waterbury, United States, 1954, lives in New York, Rome and Todi), is conceptual/minimalist artist. His artistic journey began with photography and the technic of cliché-verre. In 1981 The International Museum of Photography/George Eastman House in Rochester organized his first solo institutional exhibition followed by others, including The Museum Ludwig in Cologne. In 2006 he created White/Wash II a monument for the victims of the pogrom of 1946 in Kielce (Poland). On June 23, 2012 the conference Jack Sal and the Chapel Gandini 1986/2012 (with Bruno Cora and Luigi Attardi), on the occasion of the reopening of the 18th church with frescoes produced by Sal in 1986 in Montà (Padua).

Coffee / &
Friday, May 31, 2013 – 10 am
Caffé Quadri, Piazza San Marco – Venice 30124
Tel (+39) 3295450473