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Paolo Gotti, VISIONS, La punta del Crysler tra fumi e nuvole, New York, 1993

The showroom of ACF Trading in Bologna is delighted to present Visions  the exhibition of the Bolognese photographer Paolo Gotti.

The abstract vision of his landscapes that seem anything but “real’’, reveal a painted feeling, a metaphysical revelation, almost a mirage. Hunter of images, he finds uncontaminated  landscapes or urban spaces, the resonance of universal emotions.

This is what Paolo Gotti has been doing since the seventies. Careful in interpreting shapes and colors. Master of composition,  balance and symmetry. A meticulously designed travel photography, as required by his training as an architect.

Snapshots taken ​​out of time and space, the “visions” of Gotti, show empathy and emotional intensity comparable to that of a hyper-realist painter. According to Giorgio Celli a naturalist with a strong artistic sensibility, “reality too real, by a strange paradox, goes into the unreal and the photographer is a creator of illusions”.

The splashes of colour faded like a watercolour, the exaltation of the of the sea that change colour with the quick passage of a cloud, cutting perspective of the heavens, the anatomy of deserts and rocky plateaus emphasize the importance of the pictorial and abstract elements. Water, Earth, Air and Fire are the four central characters of  the calendars from 2004 to 2008. It is the poetry in nature, that Paolo Gotti immortalizes in his aesthetic correspondence, through a kind of visual meter that marks the rhythm of his images.

The monumental photographic archive of Gotti, more than 10,000 photos taken all over the world, from Colombia to Madagascar, from India to Haiti, just to mention a few countries, Yemen, Iceland, Bolivia, Australia and China, which also include urban realities – and therefore human – that through his lens are turned into landscapes.

This particular view of the world rests on a delicate balance between the absence and presence of the artist.  A vocation to be an “ethnologist”, diametrically opposed to that of the explorer who collected artefacts: the photographer on the other hand returns to the world the images of the five continents, without taking anything away from the places he has visited.

On view during the exhibition, photographic works of large and medium size, and the presentation of the three thematic calendars of 2013 Visions, Life in ports, Kiosks and street vendors.

Paolo Gotti |VISIONS

20 Dec. 2012 – 28 Feb. 2013

ACF Trading | Bologna | Italy

Ph. 051 222909 | www.acftrading.eu/


Paolo Gotti was born in Bologna and graduated in architecture in Florence, where he attended the Centre for Film and technical studies in 1971 earning a certificate to practice as a photographer. In 1974 chooses Africa as a destination of his first real trip, one in which, as the artist says, “you know when you leave but do not know when you come back.” With his old Land Rover he crosses the Sahara to the Gulf of Guinea in the Ivory Coast before returning to Italy after nearly five months aboard a cargo ship. As a result of this adventure, that leaves a strong impression on him, he begins full-time work as an architect, graphic designer and photographer. After various years experience in the field of advertising, and experience gained in still life, he devotes himself increasingly to the reportage. Travelling the world with his Nikon, photographing people, landscapes and locations that he carefully stores into a giant visual atlas, which have created the themes of his calendars for the last twenty years. The lens of his camera has passed through more than 70 countries, including Italy, Niger, China, Haiti, Brazil, Mexico-Guatemala, Nepal, Ceylon-Maldives, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Thailand, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Miami, Yemen, Venezuela, Philippines, Cuba, India, Chile, Bolivia, Iceland, Australia, Colombia.